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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Do You Really Want High Energy Bills?

You’d be amazed at how many people assume “bigger is better” with a new heating and cooling system. The goal is more comfort.

Your system needs to cover the area and be able to respond to the quality of the area. That is
why units that are sized properly are not based solely on the square footage of the house.

If the equipment is oversized for the area, it will cycle off and on more frequently, which can reduce the life expectancy while increasing energy consumption. And you could be inviting
more moisture – and the mold that often comes with it.

When the equipment is undersized, the wear on its components and the lack of efficiency can also lead to early equipment failure.

Your heating and cooling system is just one part of two systems that work together for your comfort. Combining the right amount and type of insulation, using effective air sealing techniques and installing the right windows can reduce energy costs.

Is Your Home a Health Risk?

Is Your Home a Health Risk?
  1. Do you sneeze and cough in your home?
  2. Do you wake up congested or with a headache?
  3. Do you often have an irritated throat, nose or eyes?
  4. If you or others in your home have any of the above symptoms, are they more common in a certain part of the house?
  5. Does anyone in your home have frequent asthma episodes or respiratory infections?

Answer “yes” to any of these questions? You may have an indoor air quality concern. Poor indoor air is a serious health threat. We can help – just give us a call.

The Little Cash Machine On Your Wall

The thermostat is certainly not one of the most expensive parts to your system, but its far-reaching effects make it perhaps the most vital. 

Thermostats are divided generally into two main types – electronic and conventional. The conventional model works well for people who like an easy-to-use setup and tend to maintain regular schedules. The electronic types offer homeowners more control at different times of the day, while also serving as a more sensitive gauge of temperature.

Evaluate the benefits carefully when choosing a programmable thermostat. Give us a call to discuss a compatible choice for your home comfort system.

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